Tomb Photography all started a few years ago when I really started taking an interest in different
areas of photography, starting with Landscape and gradually trying all aspects through to
shooting live music. I started posting my work up onto sharing sites and that's when I
had to think of a pseudonym to post my work under, which turned out to be quite
a quick and simple task for me, but still ending up with an effective and 

original name, simply combining my first and surname, to end up with TOMB. 

I began to step out of my comfort zone and photograph things that

weren't so straight forward and took more time and effort, but I also quickly
came to realize produced far better and more pleasing outcomes. Not just taking a
photo from the first place I'd come across, but instead taking the time to look around my the
area for a better spot or opportunity to shoot from. This then led to my preference of doing as little
editing  to my photos as possible, I'd rather get the photo as close to perfect naturally 
but still making my

images stand out and catch the attention of others, just without the need for hours of editing. 

Hopefully by taking this approach to my work, the photos I

take will really grab you and make you look at them for their natural 

beauty and for you to be able to feel as though you're looking directly at the 

view of the landscapes, watching the band perform live, in awe at the talent of the

athletes or falling in love with all the amazing wildlife.

I am always looking for new challenges, so if you would like to contact me for any photos

you'd like taking, please do so by going to the contact page. Also if you see any photos throughout the

website that catch your eye more than others and you'd like to purchase the photo, framed and printed at high

quality, please don't hesitate to ask.